As the average per capita demand for textile continuously rises year after year, there is a need to assess the entire supply chain for opportunities to minimize our environmental impact. At Absolute, we have begun this journey by critically examining and re-thinking our approach to a core component of our fall/winter footwear – thermal insulation.

Taking advantage of their breakthrough technology, we have partnered with Montreal-based HEAT-MX™ to include thermal insulation produced with no-waste technology. This involves converting reclaimed material while bypassing highly polluting steps – crushing and dyeing, which introduce microplastic and chemical contaminants respectively into water systems – that are traditionally involved in the recycling process.


Various textile intermediary materials such as fabrics, fibers and yarns are collected and transformed via proprietary processes into thermal insulation material. This special manufacturing process leaves no environmental impact or carbon footprint and is considered as one of the most sustainable technology platforms in the global textile industry.


CRS145-L3, the thermal insulation used in Absolute™ footwear, is manufactured by HEAT-MX™ with no-waste technology and in compliance with Level 3 of the Clean Recycling Initiative™.