Tips On How To Stay Warm This Fall

Tips On How To Stay Warm This Fall

Canada's Fall season can range from temperate to downright cold!  It affects us all whether we're going out for day-hike or running from our house to the car.  These tips on staying warm will keep you comfortable while getting out to see the beautiful colours of the changing leaves.

1. Bring Layers

Wearing breathable, water-resistant layers is the trick to being comfortable in the fall.  Wool, fleece and synthetic materials are your best options for staying warm and dry.  Conveniently, you can always remove a layer if the day warms up! 

2. Put on a Toque

Nearly 30% of your body heat escapes through your head! You can easily keep that body heat in by simply bringing a toque along with you in case it gets cooler.

 3. Invest in Insulated Boots

Your extremities get cold faster than the rest of your body.  Protect your feet by investing in waterproof, insulated boots to stay dry and toasty.

4. Move Around

Even mild activity will raise your body temperature and keep you warm.  If you feel yourself getting a little cold, go for a walk or hike and see the changing leaves.  You'll get a beautiful view and stay warm!

5. Sip on a Hot Chocolate

Nothing says Fall like curling up with a good book by the fireplace and sipping hot chocolate.  Not only is it relaxing, the hot chocolate will keep you toasty by raising your internal temperature.

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