The Importance of Active Nighttime Safety

The Importance of Active Nighttime Safety

As it starts to get dark outdoors, it is every parent’s concern that their kids stay safe. Whether your kids are playing outside or walking home from school, it is important to make sure that they’re seen by drivers on the road. Knowing the difference between reflective material vs LED lights can help you determine which one is safer for your kids.


Reflective Material

Many kids’ boots have reflective material on the side or on the back of the boot. This is a great way to make sure your child is seen if a car is approaching. The drawback, however, is that reflective material only works when a car’s headlights shine directly at it. More risk is involved when drivers are given less time to react because reflective material is not functional in the dark.


LED Lights

LED lights are an active form of nighttime safety. The light system is always working, regardless of the angle by which a car may approach. Kids remain visible in the dark as LED lights shine brightly.Each boot in our Northern Lights Collection features a unique lighting system; some even allow you to set the lights to your favourite colour or put on a light show! Many of our boots are vibration activated and others can be recharged at night for a brighter shine.


Which One is Safer?

With active nighttime safety, LED lights is the safer option. Have peace of mind, knowing that your kids are safe and seen by drivers on the road even from a far distance.

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