Find The Right Boot Size For Your Child

Find The Right Boot Size For Your Child


With so many variables in choosing the right size of boot for you child, it can become quite the headache! Not to worry, you've come to the right place.  Below you'll find a handy guide to get the perfect fit for Absolute Canada's boots.

Step 1: Download our Printable Sizing Chart

Every company produces their footwear differently and we recommend using your brand's sizing chart for the most accurate results. We've put together a printable sizing chart that should make measuring your child's foot a breeze.  Please make sure to print it at 100% scale for best results.

Step 2: How to Measure

Place your child’s right heel against the line. Gently press down on the top of your child’s foot and toes to make sure they are flat and not curled. The first line above your child’s longest toe indicates the correct size. 

Step 3: Just a few more tips

1. Include socks while measuring. During cold Canadian winters, it's common to wear thicker socks than usual.  Make sure these are accounted for when you're measuring your child's foot

2. Measure both feet. Feet can grow at different rates so it's important to get both measurements and choose the larger size.

3. Measure twice. From the old adage to measure twice, this applies to shoe sizes too!

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