Ankle Strap: A horizontal strip of cloth or leather that wraps around or just above the ankle. This piece helps with fit and secures the shoe to your foot.

Booties: This style of shoe resembles a boot however it doesn't have a high shaft.​ 

Boots: A type of shoe that typically covers the entire foot and the shaft extends anywhere between above the ankle and the thigh

Buckle: Metal or plastic hardware that secures two straps to each other.​

Canvas: A closely woven, heavy cotton typically used in sneakers.

Combat boots: A multi-purpose boot that has been popularized by the military.  They usually come with laces and/or buckles and in earth tones.

Crepe: A natural, eco-friendly rubber compound that originates from trees.  Typically used in moccasins and soles of shoes.

Distressed Leather: Leather that has been artificially aged to give it a rough and rugged look.

EVA: Ethylene vinyl acetate is a lightweight, insulating material typically used in mid-soles.

Eyelet: Used for tightening a boot or shoe with laces, this hole in the upper is sometimes reinforced by grommets.

Faux Leather: A vegan-friendly manmade material that resembles leather.

Fabric: A base material used on boots and shoes.

Fringe: Fabric, typically suede or leather, that is cut into vertical or horizontal strips to create movement when worn.

Grommets:  Oval or circular rings used to reinforce eyelets.  

Heathered-Knit: A knitted wool that is mixed with a darker colour to give the impression of texture.

Heel height: A vertical measurement that extends from the bottom of the shoe to the area where the heel rests.

Herringbone:  A distinctive pattern in which columns of parallel lines sloping in one direction connect with similar lines sloping in the opposite direction.

Houndstooth:  A distinctive fabric pattern that consists of contrasting, notched squares to form zigzag checkered appearance.  

Knit: Typically wool or synthetic material that is woven together and used for uppers or lining.

Lace up:  A string threaded through the eyelets of a boot used for fastening the boot.

Leather:  Leather is a durable and naturally water-resistant material made by tanning animal rawhide, often cattle hide.

Leather Upper:  The largest portion of the exterior of the shoe, everything except the sole/shell and interior.

Lining: The material inside a shoe or boot, often a softer material than the exterior of the upper.

Loafer:  A low slip-in shoe, typically made to resemble a moccasin.

Manmade:  Synthetic material that is not from an animal.  

Midsole: A section that rests between the inner and outer soles of a boot or shoe. 

Moccasin:  A slip-on suede shoe with visible stitching in the toe area.

Outsole: The outer-most section on the sole of a shoe or boot.

Patent: A glossy finish that can be applied to leather or synthetic materials.

Platforms: A high heel shoe with a thick sole under the forefoot.

Riding boots:  Boots designed for the equestrian purposes. This footwear type, sometimes adopted by the fashion community, typically include a low heel and knee-high shaft.  

Rubber: A naturally-occurring elastic substance made from the latex of a tropical plant. It is very durable and slip-resistant.  

Sandals:  An exposed shoe style that typically includes an open toe and/or open back.

Shaft height: This is a measurement from the middle arch of a boot to the top of the boot.  

Shell: A type of outsole that covers the entire foot, encasing it in a waterproof, insulated material.  Typically made of EVA, TPR or Rubber.  

Sherpa: A type of lining that is made of a polyester blend, made to resemble sheepskin.

Slipper:  A casual slip-on shoe that is typically meant for indoor use.

Slip-On:  A shoe which can go onto the foot without use of a lace or strap.

Slouched: Slouched boots typically fold or wrinkle and appear to slide down the leg.

Sneaker: A casual shoe, typically geared towards athletic endeavours.

Sole:  The bottom part of a shoe.

Stacked Heel:  A heel comprised of many layers of leather meant to add height to a boot.

Studs:  Decorative metal (or plastic) added to the upper for stylistic purposes.

Suede:  Treated leather with a soft, unfinished surface.

Synthetic Materials: Vegan-friendly materials which are designed with specific purposes.

Tassel: A knotted piece made of leather, suede or rope made to create movement on the upper when worn.  

Thermal Rating: A rating that indicates the estimated temperature a boot should be worn in.

TPR:  Thermo Plastic Rubber.

Twill: A woven fabric with diagonal parallel ridges.

Upper: All parts of a shoe above the sole that are stitched together.  

Waterproof: A term used for boots when their seams have been sealed or by other methods that ensures water will not enter the boot.